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Collaborative Abstract Painting
— Too Cool Algorithm

The Collaborative Abstract Painting is a visual history of why Too Cool For School website visitors are “Too Cool.” The algorithm was designed to take the website visitors keywords and search Instagram.

The algorithm searches and returns the most recent matching image from Instagram and extracts the primary color from the image. As a result, the algorithm functions as a simple keyword-to-color translation mechanism in real-time, that reflects the most current social understanding of the chosen word.

Using painter’s brush stroke as a metaphor, these translated colors are presented back to the visitors. The colors of the brush stroke are based on the history of searches made on the site. Try your keyword and start painting now!

too cool for school

Dinoplatz Available Now


Collaborative Abstract Painting

Glam Rock

Not To Be

Michelle Phan's CChoice

"This is 2-in-1 CC and concealer. Squeeze a little bit out, so this is the CC cream, and the cap is a built-in concealer stick. Done!"

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Dinoplatz Cinema City

A CC Cream that hydrates the skin to cover any fine wrinkles and pores with a choice of blusher, concealer or highlighter ball.


Jaclyn Hills’ #1 Sheet Mask

“The #1 most hydrating sheet mask that I’ve ever used. If you’re looking for deep, intense hydration – this will be your best friend.”

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Egg Cream Mask (Hydration)

A version of the popular original Egg Cream Mask that features extra-soft microfiber sheet and delivers ultimate hydration, nourishment, and brightening benefits.


Too Cool Spirit in the works.

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Too cool for school

Too Cool For School is an artistic cosmetic brand focused on creative experimentation and contemporary culture. We believe in quality and uniqueness.

Too Cool For School was created in New York City. The artwork for the first artist-collaborative packaging was created simultaneously with a freelance illustrator in London. Today, Too Cool For School is one of the most sought after brands in South Korea as it sets new standards and advocates artistic expression in contemporary beauty culture.

You will find 13 different product lines on our website. Our favorites are the Egg and Dinoplatz products, which are also available in stores and online at Sephora.

Our Dinoplatz packaging was designed by Crosspoint New York, our creative team who invited artist Hatori Sando for the collaboration. We love to support the arts through collaborations.

Like Hatori Sando, all our affiliates are active artists. This list includes designers, painters, musicians, and dancers. We love sharing contemporary culture as you can see in our products and the lifestyles that we support both online and off.

*photos in the background by Matin Zad